Easy to use

Simple, easy, foolproof design.  Use it wherever you need your hands free!

Adjustable angle

Adjust your iFlyPad for the best viewing experience!

Black or White

iFlyPad is currently available in black or white.  More colors to come soon!
Customize your iFlyPad with your own logo for corporate events, gift bags and party favors!Learn More

Compatible with numerous mobile devices, including, but not limited to….

Apple product icons hrz






Where to use your iFlyPad

Click on the icons to learn about using iFlyPad in these locations – there are many more, and the use is limited only by your imagination.

airplane 75x72 car 75x72 boat 75x72 bathroom 75x72 desk 75x72 gym 75x72 kitchen 75x72 bus 75x72


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