There is a famous Chinese saying “May he live in interesting times” and that is none more so true than when applied to the world we all live in – filled with new and exciting happenings on an almost daily basis.

Life-changing moments were triggered by the advent of the Smartphone and the Tablet. Now, the world is about to experience another milestone with the launch of iFlyPad by Spicy Innovations, a company formed to develop innovative lifestyle products that compliment the exciting and interesting world we live in.

By imagining and developing iFlyPad, we will change everyone’s life, and make it just a little bit more enjoyable.

Taking a pre-existing relationship you already have with say your Smartphone and Tablet, iFlyPad helps deliver a whole new viewing experience like no other.

Watch this space as Spicy Innovations continues to work tirelessly to develop products that help make our daily lives more pleasurable, fun and totally cool!