30 June 2014 - iFlyPad featured in Financial Times

iflypad ft how to spend it

How cool is this? The iFlyPad is featured in How To Spend It from Financial Times.

Check out the article on howtospendit.ft.com.

7 December 2013 - iFlyPad reviewed on The Test Pit as excellent choice for Christmas stocking filler

Test Pit iFlyPad Review

The iFlyPad is listed as an excellent choice on the Test Pit as a Christmas stocking filler:

“Without a daft bulky flip case it can be fairly difficult to use a tablet. Sure, you sit with it in one hand slowly jabbing at eBay with a limp finger, but what about watching films?

If you’re sick of having your fingers in the way of Brad Pitt’s chiselled jawline or just can’t get comfortable propping up your iPad on the cat, we have the solution. Introducing the iFlypad.

iFlyPad (black, white logo)

Although this odd looking gadget comes straight out of Asia, one might think it fell from the International Space Station. A cluster of suction cups on one side of a ball joint and one large suction cup on the other. We could imagine this being used for yoga or maybe as part of some ancient Chinese medical examination.

But what it actually is (and you’ll be glad to hear this, gadget fans) is a way of sticking your tablet, phablet or phone to any smooth surface – all thanks to science.

Simply push the back of your device to the multi-headed suction cup side and then, by why of a special flick catch operated cup, affix to any smooth surface. Hey presto: your phone/iPad/eReader is safety attached to the wall/table/bathroom mirror. The iFlypad can then be twisted, rotated and angled around the ball joint, giving you the optimum view.

On the plane

This all works pretty well. We had a tablet suck vertically on a mirror half way up a wall for several hours and it did not budge at all. At first we were a little concerned that after going to all that effort with the large switch operated suction cup, the smaller ones used to attach direct to your device would be insufficient. But, so it seems, there’s strength in numbers as we never had an issue at all throughout testing.

Handy also for those wanting to prop up their tablets on a desk to type on, the iFlypad is a surprising little gadget and a genuinely useful Christmas gift.


Visit www.iflypad.eu

With BlackBerry

Click here to read the review on thetestpit.com .

21 August 2013 - iFlyPad in Airline Entertainment International Magazine

Airline Entertainment front cover

The iFlyPad is featured in Airline Entertainment International as a hands-free solution to viewing your mobile device in flight.

airline entertainment international

Read the Airline Entertainment International 2013 edition here.

17 August 2013 - iFlyPad featured under Super Cool Gadgets on Designspiration
17 August 2013 - iFlyPad featured on Streamica
17 August 2013 - iFlyPad featured on Necessary Coolness
15 August 2013 - iFlyPad featured in Hotel Managers Group Blog

Hotel Managers Group

“Spicy Innovations Limited has solved the problem of where to put your smartphone or tablet when you do not want to hold it in your hands.”

Read more at Hotel Managers Group Blog.

13 August 2013 - iFlyPad listed as one of the Top 10 Most Amazing Gadgets

The Most 10

The iFlyPad is listed as one of the 10 Most Amazing Gadgets of the Month.

Read more at The Most 10.

11 July 2013 - iFlyPad featured in Hong Kong Daily News' article on Tomorrow's Guestrooms

Hong Kong Daily News

The iFlyPad is featured in Hong Kong Daily News as a winner in Polytechnic University’s Tomorrow’s Guestrooms competition.

Read more at Hong Kong Daily News (article in Chinese).

10 July 2013 - iFlyPad featured in Wall Street Journal's video on Tomorrow's Guestrooms


The WSJ did a video on Polytechnic University’s Tomorrow’s Guestrooms.  The iFlyPad is featured as one of the winners of the competition.

Below is a screenshot of the iFlyPad in action.

iFlyPad WSJ Screenshot

Watch the full video at Wall Street Journal.


9 July 2013 - Hotel gadget contest winners aim to better meet guests' needs

SCMP Hong Kong

South China Morning Post covers Polytechnic University’s Tomorrow’s Guestrooms competition, in which iFlyPad is a winner.

Read more at the South China Morning Post.


8 July 2013 - iFlyPad chosen to be featured in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University's Tomorrow’s Guestrooms at Hotel ICON

Tomorrow's Guestrooms

The iFlyPad is chosen as one of the winners in the “Tomorrow’s Guestrooms”, a global competition organised by the School of Hotel and Tourism Management (SHTM) of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) and its teaching and research hotel, Hotel ICON.

Read more at Hospitality Net.

27 June 2013 - iFlyPad in The New York Times - Don’t Forget the Small Ideas That Make a Difference

NYT screenshot

The iFlyPad was mentioned in David Pogue’s technology column, “Pogue’s Post”, in the New York Times.

An excerpt:

“The iFlyPad ($30, available in late July) is a small contraption, about three inches across, in white or black, with powerful suction cups on both sides. The back has one big suction cup (with a sliding lever that increases the suction for an amazingly strong bond), which you’re supposed to attach to the airplane video screen on the seat back in front of you. The front has many small suction cups; they grip the back of your tablet, phone or e-reader.

This thing suspends your gadget so that you can enjoy your own video entertainment instead of whatever overpriced videos the airline offers. You’re hands-free, you can use your tray table for food, and the viewing angle is better.

The iFlyPad can also, of course, stick your phone, tablet or Kindle to any smooth hard surface in daily life: a kitchen cabinet, bathroom mirror, treadmill console or car touch screen (so you can use the Google Maps app for navigation instead of whatever awful GPS software came with your car).  Click here for all the details: duration of suspension, curved-glass questions, and so on.

Not everyone is crying out for a suction cup to suspend a gadget; that in-flight scenario might not have universal appeal. But if the idea appeals to you, you’re in luck: the iFlyPad is well-designed, compact and extremely secure.”

Read more at the New York Times. 

13 Jan 2013 - Spicy Innovations and iFlyPad in Capitol Communicator's Tech Blog


Spicy Innovations and the iFlyPad were mentioned in Capitol Communicator’s Tech Blog.

“Hong Kong company Spicy Innovations, developer of the iFlyPad that hooks onto the passenger seat in front of the user to position all electronic devices at ergonomically correct angles …”

Read more at Capitol Communicator.