iFlyPad.  A more comfortable, ergonomic viewing experience.

airplane 100x96Ideally, iFlyPad should be attached to the back seat TV that’s in front of you allowing you to watch your own content uninterrupted, and at the correct viewing angle. Even if the meal is being served, and your tray table down, your enjoyment will be uninterrupted. Should the person in front of you recline their seat, or you do, iFlyPad can be adjusted to stay at the correct viewing angle.

car 100x96Use iFlyPad to support your Smartphone or Tablet and morph it into a GPS, while at the same time, using the video camera to keep a precious record of your trip. You can also stick your Smartphone to the side window while you drive, or be a passenger, and enjoy hands-free chatting or video watching – but only while in a stationary mode.

boat 100x96Use your iFlyPad to fix your Smartphone or Tablet to a suitable surface and enjoy a movie, listen to music or do many other things while you cruise across the waters.

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bathroom 100x96We know that many people like to listen to the radio or watch TV while they are in the Bathroom – and iFlyPad can help you do just that. Fix it to a suitable surface (preferably away from water or steam) and enjoy doing what you do while in the bathroom. One thing’s for sure – soaking in the tub will never be the same again!

desk 100x96iFlyPad helps you to vertically support your Tablet or Smartphone at almost a ninety degree angle. Simply attach it to the bottom part of your device and rest it on one of the flat edges. This way you can use the device as a second screen displaying info from the web, help you to view some kind of media or utilize it as a photo frame of the family or loved ones on the desk.

gym 100x96Enjoy those workouts even more when you take your device with you and attach it with iFlyPad to the machine you are working out on. Your viewing and listening pleasure will be dramatically increased while you take your mind off the pain as you gain all the extra pleasure. Going to the gym will be a new experience, and iFlyPad is the perfect workout buddy.

kitchen 100x96iFlyPad allows you to affix your Tablet or Smartphone onto a suitable surface while you are cooking and be out of harms way – keeping you hands-free to prepare that extra special dish. Read a recipe, watch a TV cooking show, or your favorite Soap opera, or perhaps listen to internet radio – so many things are possible with IFlyPad.

bus 100x96iFlyPad helps support your Smartphone or Tablet while you take that bus journey to work or for some other reason. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Suddenly for the first time, the road ahead will be much smoother.


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