Do I need to prepare the surface of my device before attaching iFlyPad?
Does iFlyPad work with (smart) covers?
Does sunlight affect the device?
Can iFlyPad work on devices such as the HTC One, which has a curved back?
Is iFlyPad compatible with Samsung devices?
Will iFlyPad work with the Amazon Kindle?
Can I use iFlyPad in the Bathroom or Kitchen?
Up to what weight will iFlyPad hold?
How long will iFlyPad support a device?
Can I use iFlyPad on my car windshield?
Apart from using iFlyPad to mount a TAB or Smart phone onto a screen, can it be used for anything else?
How can I clean my iFlyPad?
Will iFlyPad be available in colors other than Black and White?
What colours are the logos on the iFlyPad?
Where can I buy iFlyPad?
Is iFlyPad Patented?
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Do your suckers leave any residue?
Can I use iFlyPad on a Treadmill?
Does iFlyPad carry a warranty?
Can iFlyPad work during airplane turbulence?
Is there an optimal method for attaching iFlyPad to a device?
Is it OK to use iFlyPad to support other devices, such as a Wi-Fi router for increased signal coverage?
Can I attach iFlyPad to other locations in my car, meaning not the dashboard or windshield?
Can I attach my iFlyPad to the exterior of a moving vehicle?
What will be the selling price of iFlyPad?
What does iFlyPad weigh?
Where else can I use iFlyPad?
When was iFlyPad launched?
Do you have a Facebook page?
Is iFlyPad on Twitter?
I have another question about iFlyPad what shall I do?
Can I use iFlyPad with an iPhone4?
Can I use iFlyPad with a Bluetooth Keyboard?
When will iFlyPad be available for sale?



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