Do I need to prepare the surface of my device before attaching iFlyPad?

For best results, we suggest it to be clean, dust and oil free. Often times, holding these devices in your hand can deposit a fine layer of oil that should firstly be removed. Be sure to follow any manufacturer instructions regarding cleaning your device.

Does iFlyPad work with (smart) covers?

We much prefer to attach directly to your device since we cannot guarantee the integrity of the cover.

Does sunlight affect the device?
We would suggest keeping it out of direct sunlight or excessive heat.
Can iFlyPad work on devices such as the HTC One, which has a curved back?
We have successfully tested iFlyPad with the HTC One.  Click here to see an example.
Is iFlyPad compatible with Samsung devices?
Will iFlyPad work with the Amazon Kindle?
A few devices like the Kindle have a special surface, so we suggest reversing iFlyPad and using the big sucker on the Kindle, and the small suckers attached the surface for it to be held.  Click here to see an example.
Can I use iFlyPad in the Bathroom or Kitchen?
IFlyPad can be used in many locations to include the Bathroom and Kitchen. Care should be exercised when using it over water or in a steamy location.  See our videos here.
Up to what weight will iFlyPad hold?
IFlyPad has been successfully tested with many popular TABs and Smart phones.
How long will iFlyPad support a device?
IFlyPad is designed to work on both short and long haul flights – it is not designed for supporting devices over extended periods of time.
Can I use iFlyPad on my car windshield?
Not wishing to obstruct the Drivers view, IFlyPad was not designed for this purpose. Our design calls for straight angles. iFlyPad works well on non-driver windows of airplanes, buses, taxes and so on.
Apart from using iFlyPad to mount a TAB or Smart phone onto a screen, can it be used for anything else?
Yes indeed. IFlyPad is multi-functional, so you can use it to:

  • Support your device in an upright position just like a photo frame. This position is ideal for video conferencing
  • Hold it in your hand so that you no longer have to grip the device’s edges which can sometime interfere with its’ operation
  • Support a smart phone or TAB by attaching it to a window such as a car, train, bus, boat or even airplane so you can video the journey. There are so many things you can do with iFlyPad because of its versatility.
How can I clean my iFlyPad?
Use a damp cloth (tepid water only) and wipe gently – the provided polishing cloth is ideal for this.
Will iFlyPad be available in colors other than Black and White?
Possibly in the future – do let us know what colors you’d like to see.
What colours are the logos on the iFlyPad?
The White one has a red logo, and the Black one has white. Logo colours and position may be subject to change in the future without prior notice.
Where can I buy iFlyPad?
If you are in Hong Kong or Macau, you can purchase iFlyPad through our online shop.  If you’re in other countries, please check out our Where to Buy page to find a distributor that services your area.
Is iFlyPad Patented?
Can I use iFlyPad with my GPS?
Since this is similar in design to a TAB and Smartphone – yes you can.
Do your suckers leave any residue?
From time to time, and on certain surfaces, iFlyPad suckers may leave a light impression of its’ ring or rings. These are usually very easily removed by using the supplied polishing cloth, a lightly moistened tissue or something similar. Be sure to follow any manufacturer instructions regarding cleaning your device.
Can I use iFlyPad on a Treadmill?
We have successfully tested iFlyPad with a couple of the popular brands – but like other use cases, it is surface dependent.
Does iFlyPad carry a warranty?
Yes, for 90 (ninety) days from purchase, and against manufacturing defects.
Can iFlyPad work during airplane turbulence?
Common sense dictates that you remove your device under these situations, but mild bumps should be ok.
Is there an optimal method for attaching iFlyPad to a device?
The type of sucker you attach to your device will very much depend on the device itself. For an iPad, we suggest attaching the BIG sucker to the back of the iPad – usually over the Apple logo, and then using the SMALL suckers on the place for it to be attached to. Remember, that before attaching the sucker to the iPad, you should firstly make sure it is clean, and grease free. The back of an iPad tends to be porous, and retain grease which could affect the efficiency of the sucker.
For an iPhone, the SMALL suckers are more effective due to the reduced size of the device – and again, please make sure the unit is clean.
An HTC One, also uses the small suckers.
For a Nexus Tablet, we suggest using the BIG sucker on the back, and in fact using two iFlyPads – one on either side of the Nexus logo.
If using the small suckers, we firstly suggest placing your device face down onto a flat sturdy surface. Next place the side of iFlyPad with the small suckers onto the desired location and then pressing down firmly on the flat surface of iFlyPad that is both left and right, then top and bottom and pressing with your thumbs. This will help eliminate any trapped air bubbles…
Is it OK to use iFlyPad to support other devices, such as a Wi-Fi router for increased signal coverage?
Sure it is, but just remember that iFlyPad was primarily designed for temporary fixing.
Can I attach iFlyPad to other locations in my car, meaning not the dashboard or windshield?
Absolutely. IFlyPad is versatile in where it can be attached and what it can be used for. We are hearing of people attaching it to side windows with their Smartphones for hands-free calling, and some have attached the small suckers to the radio LCD panel and the large sucker to an iPad Mini. Others have attached it to the larger display panels you are now finding in some newer cars. Wherever you attach it to, just be sure it does not impede your vision and safety.
Can I attach my iFlyPad to the exterior of a moving vehicle?
We have not tested this function, and, therefore, don’t recommend doing so.
What will be the selling price of iFlyPad?
Our proposed retail price is US$29.99
What does iFlyPad weigh?
IFlyPad weighs less than 100 grams.
Where else can I use iFlyPad?
IFlyPad can be used in many different places and under numerous scenarios. Our own list of use cases continues to grow, and we are very confident that you too will have a lot of fun discovering new and exciting ways to use iFlyPad. Don’t be shy – share with others via our Facebook page.
When was iFlyPad launched?
We had our first exposure at International CES 2013 in Las Vegas.
Do you have a Facebook page?
Yes, iFlyPad can be found on the parent company page: – please Like Us.
Is iFlyPad on Twitter?
Yes, #iflypad #spicyinnovations.
I have another question about iFlyPad what shall I do?
Please email us: and we promise to respond as quickly as possible.
Can I use iFlyPad with an iPhone4?
iFlyPad works with all current iPhone models.
Can I use iFlyPad with a Bluetooth Keyboard?
Absolutely as the keyboard only connects to the paired device – iFlyPad just helps support it in various ways.
When will iFlyPad be available for sale?
iFlyPad is already available for sale – please visit our Where to Buy page.



Spicy Innovations the parent company of iFlyPad is not responsible or liable for any damage or damages consequential or otherwise to a users personal property or to that which it has been attached resulting from the use of this product.